Apr 3, 2008


Fixed Time
Tzvi Freeman

If you're serious about something, it has a fixed time. If you're earnest about getting something done and the phone rings, you ignore it.

The spiritual side of your life is not a hobby nor a luxury --it is your purpose of existence. When you are learning Torah, or meditating or in prayer, nothing else exists.

Your spiritual career should have at least equal priority to your worldly career.


Christopher said...

I've heard Christians refer to this with the Greek word καιρός (kairos). What exactly that means depends on who you ask; I've heard various Protestant writers use it to mean something almost like a separate set of time, God's time, which isn't measurable like Χρόνος (chronos). The Greek meaning is a lot closer to "it is time", but that still leaves the notion that the time is appointed for something, rather than just counted by a clock on the wall...

We ordinary Americans don't, of course, separate the idea of "the right time" for something from the idea of "what time is it?". That's the problem with one word corresponding to several words in another language--you lose the distinction between concepts sometimes... "to know" and "to love" are other big ones there.

anyways--it's true that God is with us, all day, every day, in all that we do--but if you don't set aside some time for Him, well--how bad must it be if we perpetually ignore our Creator?

Peace to you, kiddo,


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