Apr 23, 2008

Life is AWESOME!

Let's deconstruct this e-mail.

Date: Wed, 23 Apr 2008 09:31:25
Subject: Happy Administrative Assistants Day

Please enjoy some pecan nut roll and cake in the Workroom. Don’t forget lunch will be held in Walker 302 at noon.
For starters, I never thought I'd be an administrative assistant (read: secretary) for more than a few months. Here I am, a whole year and a few days later, still doing it. Thank G-d I'm going back to school. Secondly, the nut roll and cake? Happy Pesach! Not to mention the lunch meal that I won't be able to eat. Awesome! It's convenient, as well, that this whole shebang was planned for when the other Jew in the department is out for Pesach with her kids. Coincidence? I think not (you see, she keeps fully kosher, and I think some might find that irritating when it comes to ordering food for staff lunches).

Luckily my dinner last night was SO AWESOME I can't wait to eat it again today.


Christopher said...

...isn't it always the Wednesday of the last full week of April, or something like that? I think Pesach varies more than Secretaries^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H Administrative Professionals' Day.

anyways, here's to next year, when you'll be a student instead...

peace, kiddo,


who thinks the practice of "make up a holiday for every group" is kind of silly anyways

chaviva said...

Yah, that's the rule on the day. I was more laughing at the entire thing than being upset about it :)

Christopher said...

That at least seems like an easy rule, compared to Pesach or Pascha... the latter of which I (mostly) figured out after quite some number of years; the former of which I still can't calculate!

Haven't heard from you much lately--chained to your desk again, Malcolm? Working too hard? (;

Drop me a line sometime, kiddo! You still know how to find me!


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