Dec 3, 2008

Hilarious Video ... STAR STUDDED ...

Hat Tip to Jack for this Prop 8 Musical -- Jack Black, Margaret Cho ... DOOGIE HOWSER ... wow.

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Mottel said...

So let me get this strait? There's something wrong if I believe that eating shrimping is forbidden by G-d? (I know Barack O. said it first).
Or is it because I don't eat shrimp, I can also vote yes on Prop 8?

Kate said...

It's not about getting it straight. It's about getting it straight, gay, bi or trans (ba dum chhh) -- and letting other people do what works for them. And not writing hate or discrimination into ANY state's Constitution.

Thinking about the passage of Prop 8 INFURIATES me. Really. A LOT. And I adore this video.

Mottel said...

Forgive my typo.
Where does hate come in? I have problems with both sides - trust me - but I definitely don't think it's an issue of mean republicans stopping "love." Love is not something bound to, nor approved by, the constitution. The desire on either part is purely a contrived attempt to hoist one's sexuality on society as a whole - it's something that BOTH sides are equally guilty of.

At the end of the day, however, I am convicted by the Torah. While this great country gives people many freedoms -including those I may disagree with, even vehemently - I am told that homosexuality is wrong . . . and yes, for the same reason i don't eat shrimp (I don't know who most of the people in the video are, but after looking up their names, I find it ironic that almost all of them are either Jewish, or of Jewish heritage).

Morality itself is a Religious construct -something given to us by G-d. With out it we have no compass by which to guide ourselves period.
Muslims still practice polygamy . . .
The Ancient Greeks didn't have a problem with homosexuality, then again nor did they have a problem with pederasty . . . which according to some verge don pedophilia.
The video claims that allowing gay marriage would help the economy . . . so would prostitution.
The Egyptians seemed to have no problem with incest, and Canaanite tribes had no problem with bestiality. I am not directly equating anyone of these practices to the other -but who is to say any one of them if morality is based on the whims of the era?

It says Moses received the Torah on Mt. Sinai, our belief in biblical law is based on the fact that it is founded on Divine law . . . nothing less. The human mind is limited, and at the end of the day changes and can fail. G-d does not.

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