Feb 22, 2009

G-d will provide, eh?

Just an interesting quip: Sitting at home during Shabbos today, I was reading the book that I received over Chanukah on the 39 Melachos. I got up from the couch, used the little girl's room, and in the process reached for the air freshener, and while spraying it, thought "I wonder if it's kosher to spray air freshener on Shabbos?" I washed my hands, nearly shut off the bathroom light (saved!) and then went back to the couch. I snuggled up with Tuvia's Patriots blanket, picked up the book, and kept reading where I left off, which as it turned out required the turn of the page. And there, at the top of the page -- and the only thing on the page -- was the following:

Spraying Air Freshener: Despite the superficial resemblance to zeriyah, it is permitted to spray air freshener on Shabbos, since the air does not take part in dispersing the spray. (Minchas Yitzchak, 6:26).
I'm not kidding. I turned the page and there it was. Minutes, nay seconds, after I'd posed the question. These are the kinds of things that freak me out, make me smile, and give me hope.


Tuvia said...

There have been so many thing lately (with the exception of this past weekend) that give me that same feeling.

With the theater stuff working out perfectly and everything. It definitely seems like G-d will provide.

Oh and of course, GO PATS!

Gruven_Reuven said...

Way cool! I love when stuff works out like that. Great book set too...

We use magnet switch covers on Shabbos to prevent accidents like that. They are pretty cheap too.. a couple bucks or so

Anonymous said...

It is always amazing when such things happen.
BTW, don't worry I can comment on your blog.

Chaviva said...

@GR I've been meaning to pick some of those up, actually. I'm guessing maybe Lowe's or Home Depot would have them?

@ID Phew! Glad to know. And yes, these things never cease to amaze me.

@Tuvia Go pats. Seriously? Lol.

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