Mar 30, 2009

Scribe at Work!

I'm amazed. This is more tantalizing than watching the new puppies bounce about in their little incubator-style habitat! It's not just because the calligraphy is so beautiful, or that this old guy is letting himself be filmed making the scroll (no pressure! no pressure!). It's neat because it brings the Torah to life, a little bit, letter by letter. Just go here to View the Scribe at work! Here, this is a better explanation, from Mendy Pellin, even!:

The coolest thing? You can purchase a letter in honor of an IDF soldier, or in your name, or your bubbe's name! It's that easy! Of course, I'm not sure how that works and what kind of acclaim (not that it's necessary) one would get for the mere $1 a letter. If they can sell a letter for every one in the Torah? That's a whopping $304,805. Mazel tov!

For more information on the awesome little project, check out


le7 said...

It's a mitzvah to write a Torah... you can fulfill it by buying a letter in a Torah in your name!

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