Apr 3, 2009

Thoughts on Anonymous Posters.

I am utterly indebted to @slerner, who brought to my attention the brilliant words of Samson Raphael  Hirsch, the founder of contemporary Orthodoxy, written in the late 1800s. I would venture to say that Hirsch was far ahead of his time, writing the credo for bloggers who would receive anonymous content.

Various publications opposing our call for secession from the Reform community of this city have already appeared under the cover of anonymity. The contents of these publications only show that their authors are in no position whatsoever to voice any opinion worthy of note on this question. Therefore, in view of the seriousness and significance of this issue, I consider it my duty to announce, in connection with the open letter printed below, that any replies written anonymously or signed with a fictitious name will not receive any consideration from me. One who lacks the courage to sign his true name to his views must be aware that what he is saying is meaningless and that he therefore cannot expect others to take notice of it.
Let the anonymous gnatz buzz happily in the sunny meadows. I certainly do not want to spoil their pleasure.
S.R. Hirsch
I refuse to block commentors because on ocassion there are those whom I know who choose to comment anonymously because of their community or what have you, so for their sake I will leave commenting open. But let it be known that those with divisive opinions who intend to use my blog as a soapbox must include a name to be taken seriously at all.


Schvach said...

So that's why I'm not MO - thank you Chavi (it's not like I've never been divisive; I've already been kicked off from commenting on the Yo Yenta blog site). Good Shabbos.

Moshe said...

Agree 100%.
If you got something to say, put a name behind it or shut up.

I also have anonymous posting enabled because some of my friends don't want to get an account but would like to leave a comment.

Jack said...

Anonymity is not always a bad thing.

Chaviva said...

@Shvach I didn't know about you being knocked off Yo Yenta commenting. You'll have to tell me what happened. Shavua tov!

@Moshe Damn skippy. You gotta respect the blog, respect the commenter, respect the truth.

@Jack It isn't, but at the same time? If someone is being consistently and erratically antagonistic in order to use a blog as their soapbox, that's not kosher. Not with me anyway. You, too, police your comments sometime, so I know you've dealt with this.

Neil said...

It was this quote from R Hirsch (among several other things) that prompted me to blog under my own name.

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