May 14, 2009

Music is the Soundtrack of My Life.

For the next month and a half, I'm not attending Hebrew classes. I'm speaking it spottily with Tuvia, but for the most part it's "Ken" and "Lo" and "Lamah" and the like. Since I'm not surrounded by Hebrew speakers, I'm trying to find creative ways to keep Hebrew flowing through my mind. How should I do I intend on doing this? Music! B'ivrit!

So I need all the suggestions I can get for Hebrew tunes, Israeli tunes, tunes of the Hebrew variety. I'm not into Debbie Friedman and those kind of musicians, but I love YLove and that style. I'm willing to try anything, though. So, shoot!


toby said...

When I first learned Hebrew for real, I did it mostly through music. My favorites were old-ish timers: Arik Einshtein and Shlomo Artzi. I don't know if they're your style, but they worked great for me - good luck!

Shimon said...

Shuly Rand.
Yonatan Razel.
Erez Lev Ari.
Powerful. Profound. Jewish. Modern.
Just my subjective two cents.

Dunking Rachel said...

also there are many Hebrew Language films... Netflicks has many...that is how my husband I do it.....He speaks very well, but I am subtitles are there for me.....

but it keeps it fresh.... at least you can hear it...also some don't have subtitles...

additionally...don't know if you have cable TV...where I live there is an option for getting channels from around the world......Israel is one of the choices!

good luck

Jessica said...

I'm not into most Jewish/Hebrew music, but Biglal Avos and Moshav Band are pretty good.

le7 said...

I was always into the Idan Raichel Project. Also things like Soulfarm.

הצעיר שלמה בן רפאל לבית שריקי ס"ט said...

I'll just put up links to some stuff I've seen on Youtube, but hadn't had much time to pursue:






6) (with translation!)




This is really just a tiny sampling. Sometimes I think it's pretty cool that such a small country has such a great wealth anddiversity in musical creation every year..

Malka said...

I have a slight jewish music addiction haha but Moshav is my favorite. I can give you other regliously oriented suggestions if you want. just send me a message.

Chaviva said...

These look like some outstanding suggestions. I'm into religious music and non-religious music. I will go for just about anything.

I'll be checking out all your suggestions after Shabbos when I have some free moments! Color me stoked :)

@Dunking Rachel I love Hebrew-language films with subtitles, because even hearing it frequently helps oodles.

@Le7 I *love* Idan Raichel. I had a chance to go see a performance recently but didn't go because of the expensive tickets. Boo.

@Malka Religiously oriented music is always good. It brings me full circle from the liturgy to speaking to music and back around again.

BeingVenus said...

The Idan Raichel Project is really nice music.
Let me know if you'd like to try a few tracks. I have 2 of his albums so I could send you a few songs via e-mail if you'd like to listen.

M said...

A roommate of mine at university was taking Intro to Hebrew, so she made colourful signs with the Hebrew word for everyday things and stuck them on the appropriate object- they were all over the kitchen, bathroom, living room, etc. We often heard her mumbling to herself in Hebrew, shortly after the labels were placed everywhere...but she did get an A in the class, so it must have been a little helpful.

Frida Nelhans said...

I recommend you to listen to Hadag Nachash, Aya Korem, Hadorbanim, Beit Ha'Bubot (which means the dollhouse), שוטי הנבואה Shotei Hanevua which means The fools of prophecy which is my number 1 favourites especially their latest cd.

Chaviva said...

I've been looking into all your suggestions today! The great thing? When I'm away at Immersion, I can listen ONLY to Hebrew music. Wahoo! So HEBREW music suggestions are welcomed.


Malka said...

most of what i know in davening i know from CDs its funny how you start singing along as your praying haha. Stereo Sinai is great and so is Neshama Carelbach if you want some women singing that isnt debbie friedman style.

Chaviva said...

I <3 Stereo Sinai :) Not only is the music beautiful, but they're beautiful individuals, too! One of the many reasons I miss Chicago.

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