Oct 21, 2009

And how!

"The proselyte who associates himself voluntarily with Israel won high praise from the rabbis

The ger is dearer to G-d than Israel was when the nation assembled at the foot of Mount Sinai. For Israel would not have accepted the Torah without seeing the thunders and the lightning and the quaking mountain and hearing the sound of the shofar, whearas the proselyte, without a single miracle, consecrates himself to the Holy One, praised be He, and puts upon himself the yoke of the Kingdom of Heaven. Can anyone be deemed more worthy of G-d's love?" (Conversion to Judaism: A History and Analysis, 59-60)


TMC said...

Very nice!

Lewdmilla said...

I was just reading this quote last night in an Anita Diamant book ... and how, indeed :)

Chaviva said...

@TMC I concur!

@Lewdmilla Which Anita Diamant book? I've read most of her's :D

Lewdmilla said...

Chaviva - Well, I have Choosing a Jewish Life and just received Living a Jewish Life as a gift from an Episcopal relative :) ... I read it in that one, although I'm pretty sure it's quoted in both.

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