Mar 25, 2010

VIDEO: I'm Not Judgmental, I'm Just Funny.

Sigh. Maybe I should go on Sabbatical.


Vicki said...

Sorry, to me, it still doesn't come across as funny in your video. I personally am not offended by the restaurant because I don't keep kosher-I think it's just going along the hipster trend to be edgy as much as possible.

I think that, in general, if you have to read the piece out loud, the sarcasm/humor doesn't write well at all, and as someone who writes humor that fails a lot, I know how easy it can be for something to be misinterpreted.

I don't agree with what you wrote, but so what? It's your opinion. No need to justify it. Own it, lady. :)

Kerri said...

Although I did not misread the original post, I do think that hearing you read it (and make the pig nose) was helpful. Sarcasm does not always translate from the written word as well as it does verbally. I know from my own blog that people who read too quickly often miss nuances. I try not too be too sarcastic when I write.

I can appreciate what you said about verbalizing a lot of what others are thinking but will not say. The only advice I can give about that is just to expect that anything you might say will come back at you because people can be overly sensitive. Keep on doing what you're doing, Chaviva. I love your blog!

TikunOlam said...

Didn't see the video yet, but I have to echo Vicki. So what if your opinion doesn't match others? I am just as loud about mine. Some ppl don't like me altogether for my opinions, some like me but just not my opinions. That's ok too. Personally, I think it is a good thing to have opinions, whether they match mine or not is far less important.

Suburban Sweetheart said...

Don't worry too much about it. Agree or disagree, it's your blog & you have the exclusive privilege of saying whatever the hell you want. :)

Suburban Sweetheart said...

PS: I reject the idea of your going on sabbatical.

Anonymous said...

I watched the video. I actually really liked your explanation. Deciding what to do that works for you within your comfort zone and your understanding of the Law, does NOT make you judgmental.

Navigating observance is a tough thing. I realize this. Everyday I realize this. I do not live in any kind of community and it is hard. Being the more observant one in my house, my partner and I continually debate over the level of observance that will be in our house.

If a friend wouldn’t eat at my house, I wouldn’t consider that a judgment. They probably would invite me to eat by them instead. And that would be ok. People need to do what makes them feel comfortable. Now, if they said to me “we hate you and don’t consider you a Jew because you do x,y,z” that would be a judgment.

You need to do what is right for you. We all do. And sometimes it is hard. Being a Jew is hard. Especially when we have to fight other Jews more than we have to fight anyone else.

Daniel Saunders said...

I like your blog and don't think you're judgmental.

charlotte said...

I liked your video & I don't think you're being judgmental. Maybe I'm just old :) but the whole 'Oooh let's be as edgy/offensive as possible' thing is just juvenile. Maybe I just don't get it-but now I do wonder how I come off writing online as opposed to in person. Anyway, don't go on sabbactical! People are always going to disagree.

Risa said...

I just got around to listening to this. What's so bad about being judgmental? That's what an opinion is. Why else would anyone want to read what you write?

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