Jun 14, 2006

It's a Book thing, OK?

OY! I've hit the motherload. Something to keep me busy for days and weeks and months and years. I suggest you hit it up, too. I happ'd upon it on my friend Ben's blog (Mazel Tov to Ben who just married Christy!). It's called LibraryThing and you can see the beginnings of mine here.

I'm looking to Beth here most specifically. I think she'll get QUITE the kick out of it ... oh books, you answer my prayers and give me rest.


Alex said...

OMG-d. I am having an extremely hard time convincing myself to go to sleep because I have work tomorrow instead of cataloging my entire library.

rubybeth said...

I think I've seen that before. I personally don't own that many books to keep track of (I've worked at a library since I was 17! Free access!) but it looks cool.

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