Jun 16, 2006

Sheep, donde?

Exactly three hours ago, I was primed for sleep. I said to myself, "Amanda, you will get to bed before four a.m. tonight!" And I believed it, too. And here it is, 3:16 in the morning and I can't seem to lay still in bed. Is it that my computer is but inches from my bed? Is it that reciting the Hebrew alphabet over and over isn't a good way to fall asleep? I've even tried the "spell your name repeatadly till it means nothing" trick. I've counted sheep. I think I may resort to a little Tylenol PM or something. This is getting ridiculous, and I'd rather be groggy than awake later and later each night. Because that's how it works, nu?


rubybeth said...

For me, it's always been a matter of shutting down my brain for the evening. I have a sleep routine I have to follow each night, which signals my brain that it's "quiet time." My therapist suggested it, and there are even times that doesn't work. Good luck!

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