Jul 23, 2006

All this time, Lots of Pillows, and now I know why.

It's late. But
We want peace on Earth and equality to fill our pre-dinner plates,
And Dinner, of course, is falling in love and feeling free. So for
Dessert we dine on Dreamscapes and candle-lit lakes.

See, the
Princes and paupers we are, when we disappear we All go
Along with the plan, no matter how hard we fought -- fists
In the air and feet fitted into roots 'round trees.

That our meals make us full and our beginnings and ends
End up the circle we pushed our creaking carts around The
Whole time.

I want love, strength, stability, maturity, a supporter, a giver, a lover, confidence, assurance, trust, as much as forever as I can be given, independence. Simple things, someone who will take care of me so I can start to think about more than just everyone else for once.


Beth said...

Sounds like you want to be married. :)

Beth said...

P.S. I wrote a blog entry about S just for you!

Beth said...

I knew about Mel doing AmeriCorps before S signed up. I helped him with the application stuff (moral support). No plans to visit, since I don't have much vacation time, and if I went, I'd have to work on his crew and sleep in a tent (couldn't even sleep in his tent, would have to bring my own). I'm looking forward to taking a real, relaxing vacation with him at some point.

Christy said...

Hey Amanda! I found your blog on Facebook and linked to it from my blog along with others -- hope that's ok with you. (If not, I can take it down.) Thanks for the photo comments and have a fabulous time in DC!!

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