Nov 11, 2006

Back, back, back, back to school!

I have signed up for the GRE. Dec. 7 at 9 a.m.

I also have narrowed down the universities to which I will apply for Judaic/Jewish studies master's degree programs. They include, but are not limited to:
-University of Michigan
-University of Chicago
-Baltimore Hebrew University
-Brandeis University

And still in consideration are:
-University of Connecticut
-Gratz College

If anyone knows of the most stellar Jewish studies program (preferably for history/law/medieval Jewry), do let me know. I've been researching in haste to get this done. I've got three recommenders lined up and I'm set to go, I believe.

This is scary, and uplifting. But mostly scary.


Jessica said...

Wow! I just wanted to say good luck! I know nothing about Jewish studies degrees so I have no practical advice. But congrats and good luck!

Unknown said...

Nice to see you're going to take the GRE! I hope it goes well for you, though I doubt you'll have any trouble. A smart whippersnapper like yourself should be able to tackle the test with ease. As for the schools...I know nothing about anything in the field of Judaic studies. May the Lord be with you as you make your decision.

Alex said...

eee! I'm excited for you!

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