Mar 24, 2008

A Grad School Adventure, 2008

So here's a little video adventure of Chavi heading east, being sleepy, and all that jazz. It's long and probably boring, but I know that sometimes, people like to see real people. So here's a treat!


Christy said...

I really liked watching this! Partially because I had insomnia and it was 1:30 AM and felt lonely/restless. Anyway, glad to hear your trip went well. Good luck deciding on a school!!

KosherAcademic said...

How cute!!! We're glad to have you back in Chicago, too!

Schvach said...

Great vid Chavi. Who am I to dole out advice? But here goes. On the one hand choosing a university is like choosing a car - never choose on looks. On the other hand, success is proportional to one's level of enthusiasm, so if it's appearance you're after... I'm looking forward to learning what you will have decided.

Anonymous said...

You seem like a sincere Truth-Seeker. May G-d guide you from strength to strength and may you merit to build a family that will bring joy and pride to Am Yisrael and others as well.

chaviva said...

Tee hee! Thanks y'all. Glad you liked it.

And Anonymous, thank you for the blessing!

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