Mar 5, 2008

Traveling to Make Grad School Happen, I think.

Sorry for the heavy posting today, but I just wanted to post another update on graduate school stuff (because you're all so very invested in my graduate career, I know).

I decided to buy a ticket to go out to the Boston area March 20-21. I'll spend March 20 at Brandeis and March 21 at UConn, intermixing that with getting to see my once-upon-a-time-bestest friend Andrew, who I miss desperately. Rumor has it I'll even get to sleep on a roll-away cot! I haven't done that since, well, since Edward family vacations that ended eons ago. Then I'll trek over to Storrs, where I will spend that Friday, making it to the airport for a 6 something flight to arrive in Chicago about an hour before the little brother, Joseph, is meant to arrive in Chicago for five days of merrymaking and fun-having. It's little city kid goes big city. A week after that I go to Philly to spend the weekend with my three closest friends in the world -- John, Heather, and Ananda. So it's going to be a long, long, long couple of weeks.

I also have to find a time to drive to Ann Arbor and visit, I think. I know that stepping foot on these campuses will make all the difference, so I'm saying "Goodbye Tax Refund" and "Hello Decision-Making Process."

Oh -- and rumor has it that I might *actually* have gotten a scholarship at Brandeis. I'm still awaiting the official letter's arrival. But, well, I think there's something. Let's hope I'm not getting my hopes up, eh?


Anonymous said...

Glad you got the trip figured out. I leave Boston on the 20th, thought we might be able to work coffee in but it doesn't look that way. Oh well. Next time :)

And, I hope the Brandeis money works out...G-d knows they have a ton of it. WIshing you only good things with the grad school visits and choices. :)

chaviva said...

We could grab coffee early on the 20th? Before I hit Brandeis? What time do you leave on the 20th?

I booked the flight as such so it would work out with my little brother coming in to town :D

Chris Jones said...

The lecturer who's teaching Jewish Cultural History (i.e., my boss) is a Brandeis grad. Has great things to say about it. Incidentally: not Jewish. Russian Orthodox. And a convert at that. I for one think it's all quite fascinating.

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