Apr 27, 2008

Seize the Loaf.

So Pesach just ended (sound the alarms!). I ordered in a sandwich so I could have it here the moment I could down some bread, and it showed up about 5 minutes early -- bit deal, eh?

Anyhow, the point is that things only sound really good when we can't have them. Then you eat them again and you're reminded that you really weren't missing anything.

I hate that disappointment. I do look forward to having frozen waffles again though. But that's about it. And maybe beer. But not so much.


David said...

That is so true! Although my son really enjoyed the Domino's...

Christopher said...

That's true in a way--the regular foods can be disappointing. A's Pascha was this weekend, and there was much breaking of the fast afterwards... some was great (Grady brought ribs in his Easter basket; A made her famous Cheese Paskha)... some was not so good (somebody brought McDonald's hamburgers to the picnic today).

Perhaps the difference is, when you're fasting, you have to make special food because the quick convenient fast-food we all get used to in XXI-century America isn't allowed. When you get back to your regular routine after the special fast is over (and I don't pretend to understand the rules behind Pesach, except to say that they're intricate and significantly different than the Lenten fast, either by my rules or A's), going back could be great, but convenience food is just convenient, never that high in quality.

If your first foray back into the wide world of chametz was a homemade baguette with a little olive oil and balsamic vinegar, made carefully in your own kitchen or made lovingly by a friend or family member, it would probably be a wondrous thing. If it's a soggy sandwich from the burger joint across the street, what you got back with the end of Pesach wasn't the better quality of food, just the convenience of it...

Peace, kiddo,


zahavalaska said...

Kosher bread is really hard to find up here so I've gotten used to not having it, but what I missed was hummus (which costco started carrying before Pesach and so my mouth had been drooling for it)

Anonymous said...

After a while, I missed the soy sauce!

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