Apr 16, 2008

Food for Pesach!

Just a quick note. For my health-conscious friends, check out these EnLITEened Kosher l'Pesach recipes from Chabad.org.

I'm looking forward to the Salmon recipes AND the ice cream. Especially the Sephardic Spicy Fish in Red Sauce. Yumm!

Also: Chicago peeps ... I now have NO first-night seder. I got all verklempt and confused and thought I had one both nights, but ended up double-booking for the second night. Help!


Chris said...

Amusing awkward moment in class last week:

A Jewish student starts talking (very seriously) about how, during the Seder, you spill three drops of wine to signify the suffering etc etc etc. Except he said blood. To which another student remarked, "no, that's for the bread." To which I said: "Aaaaand the blood libel has come up in my class." And the whole class laughed, which I guess is good.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link. The recipes look great. I've just altered my menus so as to serve the Sephardic Spicy Fish on Shabbat.

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