Apr 12, 2008

Kosher for Pesach!

I know, I know. Shabbos is still rolling and the entire observant world is enjoying the approaching end of the Sabbath while I tap away on my computer. I cut off a few hours early because of some plans this evening that start literally at the end of Shabbat, and I needed to get in touch with a few people regarding said plans (it's a Prom, for adults, a Yelp prom, to be precise; so unimportant, I know). But I thought since I'm here, I'd write a little post about my Kosher for Pesach shopping.

I went out with the intent of getting lots of the farfel and matzo meal and boxes of matzo and kosher for pesach pancake mix, etc. So I headed off to the Jewel down on Addison here in Chicago, because it's in the most Jewish neighborhood near me (Lakeview has Reform, Conservative and Mod. Orthodox shuls) because I also knew that they have special aisles for the Kosher for Pesach goods. I have to say, I made off with a mighty selection of goods, including some Kosher for Pesach mozarella cheese (for pizza and lasagna) and cream cheese (for matzo + jelly + cream cheese) and many other things, including some K4P soda. I have to note that I haven't bought soda for the past four or five years at least (not counting individual bottles, I mean). I don't ever have soda in the house, and that's just how I roll. But I've heard the K4P coke is pretty amazing. However, this year it didn't come with the YELLOW CAP! Talk about misleading. I was appalled at first that they were selling regular coke in the K4P section, but then I looked at the cap and there it was. So here are some photos of my goods :)


zahavalaska said...

Awww...I love your pictures. I wonder if people who grow up keeping kosher can appreciate the delight we have in the packages of kosher foods. Last year, at my work, we had some K4P cereal with these crazy star-of-david puppet mascots. A non-Jewish co-worker took one, preserved it in clear packing tape, and took it home. I save my kosher grape juice bottles :)

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