Apr 24, 2008

No thank you. I will not have another piece.

So I made matzo lasagna for dinner. I even took photos of my proudly made concoction. But I won't share them here, oh no.

But seriously? It was disgusting. The consistency just didn't do it for me. So I wasted half a container of cottage cheese, and threw away the entire pan. I couldn't even look at it. So I ordered out -- grilled chicken and french fries with a salad. Nice! And leftovers for lunch. Thanks Fire Side.

Matzo pizza? Delicious. Matzo w/Temp Tee and Jam? Outstanding. Matzo brie!? Fantastic!

I'll stick to what I know.


Chris said...

Today's lunch: Matzo with cold smoked salmon. I brought the salmon myself. Smoked it myself, too, on the grill. The Matzo was one of several left-over boxes left in the Hebrew Dept coffee room.

Phillip said...

I think the cottage cheese, not the matzo, might have been your downfall.

chaviva said...

Chris: yum!

Phillip: well, could be. The recipe called for it, and it is also what my mom used for normal lasagna. Next time ill spring for the good stuff

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