Jun 19, 2008

For the person who has everything?

Looking for kosher toilet paper? Well, you've come to the right place! Yes, I know just about every Jewish blog on the planet is playing this up today (maybe?) but I just couldn't help myself. Someone posted this on Twitter earlier today, then it showed up over on Frum Satire. Anyhow, check out this beautiful bit o' advertising.

Most people I know use Kleenex on Shabbat if they're shomer Shabbos, and I guess I didn't realize that this is halachikly questionable since sometimes the tissues are in some way connected to one another? Anyhow, check out this survey respondent's comment:

“I like putting items in our home that remind us that we are Jewish and that it is Shabbos”
-survey respondent
I'm not going to lie. I'm considering heading up to Kol Tuv grocery this weekend to pick up a pack and see how it works out next Shabbat. Believe me, I intend on keeping everyone fully posted and updated!


Reuven Fischer said...

Wow, $120 bucks for pre-cut toilet paper. I'll have to pass. Takes away the pre-shabbos fun of twirling the TP around your hand about twenty times and just cutting it yourself.

Cutting TP has never been a Shabbos inconvenience. A device to automatically sense you forgot to keep the bathroom light on... Now that would be something :-)

zahavalaska said...

Whatever happened to pre-tearing?

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