Jun 1, 2008

I Left it in San Francisco.

Well, I made it to San Francisco and back in one piece. It was a quick trip, but it's about quality, not quantity, and we were definitely heavy on the quality end of things. I got to ride a trolley (scary), see the wharf, the sea lions on Pier 39, eat some fresh fish, eat some In-N-Out, see Sex and the City (on which a post will be written in full), spend some quality time with someone special, take lots of photos, get some delicious dried mangoes, to go the Lefty store, and experience the coolness of the tech side of the valley (we drove by Google! eeep!). There was a lot more in there, but I'm tired, and I can't offer much. I've posted a bunch of the photos to my Flickr Page, so be sure to check those out. Here's a sneak preview:

San Franci

And until next time, check out this ridiculous Spelling Bee happening, pulled from the one, the only, Tamara!


Beth said...

Nice! I love San Francisco, and wish we could go back for our honeymoon, but ales, our economic stimulus packages are all we can afford to spend. *sigh* Anyway, I would consider the wedding planner route, especially for people who are interested in doing it all in 6 months or less. Maybe I need an ad for the paper.. ;)

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