Jun 13, 2008

No one wants me. I am the convert.

Everyone remembers my Birthright drama, yes? Well, I've been rejected -- again. This time by a program called Jewel, also run by Aish, that was right up my alley. It was four weeks studying with other Jewish woman in Israel over my winter break from school. There were scholarships and everything and it screamed "Chavi!"

But they said they don't think their program would "fit" my needs. Right. I'm sure that's precisely what they mean. They did, however, suggest that I check out a couple other programs! Yes, they said, they think those programs would be outstanding for me. What are they?

Essentially they're two different bootcamps (one Lubavitch) for women converting to Torah-true Judaism in Israel.

I'd like to issue a big, heaping spoonful of "sigh" right now. It looks like I won't be getting to Israel this year. Or any time in the foreseeable future. Unless I somehow come up with the cash on my own. I so wanted to go and study with others and explore. This is just one big mess.


Anonymous said...

Ouch Chavi,

I'm sorry you have to go through that.

The AISH stuff doesn't suprise me as they are quite strict and frum. However, the fact that Birthright is an issue makes no sense to me. There has got to be SOME program that you would find to suit your needs.

Hang in there.

Chaim said...

Sorry, sounds frustrating.

NafNaf said...

Which bootcamps? I'm surprised that Lubavitch has camps for gerim. You will be pushed away at least three times, maybe this is the first of many.

Anonymous said...

Check this:
They have summer programs and finance part of the cost.

Janet said...

Jewel rejected me when I applied post-college. I think they don't like academic types. They want stereotypical mainstream types who don't think too critically and don't know very much about Judaism, but just have vaguely positive feelings about it.

I missed your birthright post, but as far as I know, they accept converts.

chaviva said...

NafNaf, just to be clear ... I *have* converted, just via Reform, which many do not view as Torah true. I wasn't sure if that was clear.

Ilana, I will check out that site, and thank you so much :)

And all else, thanks for the comments. I'm irritated beyond belief, but I have to keep trucking forth. Where there is a will, there is a way, and my heart sings for Israel!

Judahlicious said...

Baby Godya, I think what Nafnaf was saying is that he didn't know Lubavitchers had camps for gerim, which by virtue of your Reform conversion, you are. It would surprise me too there being "bootcamps" run by Lubavitchers for women who converted Reform. And to convert Orthodox, essentially a new conversion, you would be pushed away at least three times.

Anonymous said...

Why in heaven's name would you want to do an Aish-sponsored program, scholarships or not?

chaviva said...

Anon: Because I wanted a more religious-ended program. I was looking at Hillel, but not being in school right now, I felt weird. So I talked to a few friends and they thought Aish would be good. Believe me, regrets abound.

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