Jul 3, 2008


I give you, a little humor from my daily "A Little Joy A Little Oy" desk calendar:

Three Eastern European Jews named Berel, Cherel, and Shmerel were talking about moving to the United States.

Berel said, "When I move to America, I'm going to have to change my name. They won't call me Berel anymore; they'll call me Buck."

Cherel said, "When I move to America, I'll also have to change my name. They'll call me Chuck."

Thinking a moment, Shmerel said, "I'm not moving."


Schvach said...

Back in the 60's, a TV director/producer named Alan Sherman
did 3 record albums of his singing performances, generally of well known tunes with his own original lyrics. One number was about Melvin Rose of Texas, sung to the tune of 'Yellow Rose of Texas'. He used a similar punchline. Great minds think alike.

Cookie Monster said...

I had exactly the same thought. Except it's Allan Sherman with 2 "L"s. I've still got the RECORD with this collection of songs on it, since it first came out!

"Oh I'm Melvin Rose of Texas
And my friends all call me Tex
When I lived in old New Mexico
They used to call me Mex

When I lived in old Kentucky
They called me Old Kentuck
I was born in old Shamokin
Which is why they call me Melvin Rose"

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