Jul 19, 2008

Project Black, Chavi Style, Take III.

Originally uploaded by kvetchingeditor
Here is more of the Project Black, this one is a picture I took Friday while waiting in the humidity at the Madison stop on the Green/Brown/Orange/Pink line in the Loop. Pigeons are such hideous, yet such beautiful, simple creatures. Rats with wings, but when they tilt their heads just so ... Don't forget to check out/join Project Black over at this blog.



Leora said...

Nice to see you joining in the fun of Project Black.

Great composition, the bird of the city with the architecture of the city, the round against the ornate linear of the building.

Raven said...

Such interesting framing (literally) of this little guy by the building/windows. I used to work at the Museum of Natural History in NYC many years ago and had a bunch of pigeons outside my windows. I couldn't stand the cooing noise for some reason. Really bugged me. They do have their moments, though. I like your bathroom shot down below too.

chaviva said...

Thanks for the comments :D That bird photo came out really well, I think, because of the light. It was very early in the morning, and that building was a beautiful color. Wahoo for photos!

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