Jul 22, 2008

Rabbis Explain Why People Become Orthodox

Note: I had originally posted a blog here, which was crossposted on Jewsbychoice.org. However, in an effort to keep content original on JBC, as well as my personal blog, I encourage you to head over to the JBC blog in order to read the post. I apologize for the confusion this might cause.


There has been an interesting series posted on the Hirhurim Musings blog about Why People Become Orthodox, and I thought it would be useful to share here simply because the perspectives of many Conservative rabbis are shared. Essentially a question was posed to a number of rabbis across the spectrum of Judaism, and as far as I can tell it's an ongoing series. To read the blog post, please visit this link.


Anonymous said...

Hi Chaviva. I wanted to clarify that Rose Crown minyan at Anshe Emet is an integral part of the shul, and is not merely using the shul as a gathering place, as is the daily morning minyan. Sorry if you've heard otherwise. Rabbi Cosgrove is a brilliant man, on the forefront of the USCJ, and we really miss him at AE.


chaviva said...

Thanks for the clarification, Sam. Though I never attended a Rose Crown minyan, those who frequented Anshe Emet more than I did had made it seem that they were unattached. Perhaps this is a trend at other shuls, but thank you for clearing it up :D

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