Jul 22, 2008

Yes, really, how angry are we?

Listening to yesterday's Unger Report on NPR's Day to Day podcast, I shook my head in agreeance. I mean, how bad do we REALLY have it when we can stand in line for days for an iPhone or fight for tickets to a blockbuster. What kind of image does that send to the rest of the world as we sit here whining about how the economy is a bust and how gas is expensive. I mean, really? Anyway, listen to the Unger Report. He hits the nail on the head, most assuredly.



hesh said...

Such truth- I am looking forward to gas riots, but I also wish to see prices at the 10 dollar level. I am an environmentalist after all.

Scotty said...

Why would you want to see gas prices at the 10 dollar level? Isn't the vast majority of c02 emissions come from those dirty filthy coal powered plants? Besides, the high price of oil will only bring the economy further into a slump which would move us farther away from any environmental agenda.

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