Aug 22, 2008

Blog Promotion

So I just wanted to shout out a few blogs here, because, well, I think it's important for Bloggers to support other Bloggers (or, you know, those people who use Wordpress or some other FAR INFERIOR version of Blogger ... I kid, I kid).

True Ancestor discusses being "bageled." I, as it turns out, was just bageled by another student ... check out my comment on his very interesting blog post.

Then there's Rachel, who just started up her Shavua Tov! blog this month, and I have to say it's worth a read. She's been writing about Yiddish and loading up on texts to get her rolling in her conversion process. Give her a read and say hello!

Get busy reading ... the J-blogosphere is large and needs some love!


David said...

Thanks, Chavi Jo! My traffic always jumps when you give me a shout out.

rachel said...

Thanks Chavi! As you know, you're on my blogroll already and I've already given you your own mention on my blog too.

Now, get back to that studying....!

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