Aug 25, 2008

It's like Chanukah 'round here.

Four days worth of mail finally showed up in my mailbox here, and boy oh boy it was like Chanukah Harry decided to bless me big time! Here we have a textbook (originally $52, purchased for $35 thanks to a coupon, with FREE shipping!) for a Bible class, "Cool Jews" by Lisa Alcalay Klug, which I'll be reading up on for a bit on the blog, and finally a Jewish Tweets (a la Twitter) mug from the wonderful folks over at the Jewish Treats blog.

Yes, it is a good day to be a poor graduate student.

But seriously, stay tuned. I went to the big Jewish barbecue (which was really just a good ole' fashioned cookout) last night and was perplexed by the "it's kosher" followed by "here are packets of mayo for your hamburger" bit. I also had a Hebrew class this morning that was downright outstanding, and I'll be heading to a seminar in just a few, which has me frightened because there are only five or six people registered. The fewer people? The more attention to the individual. In the long run I dig this, in the short run it scares me.

Oh, and Hebrew class? Chaviva went off with FLYING colors (prof had us sign in, no roll call, but did do this big intro thing where she taught us how to say "My name is ..."). Score one for the Hebrew name.


Daniel Saunders said...

I'm not sure that I understand the burger/mayo kashrut problem. You can get parev mayonnaise. Or am I missing something? (I don't eat mayonnaise anyway)

B. Spinoza said...

>was perplexed by the "it's kosher" followed by "here are packets of mayo for your hamburger" bit.

There's no problem with having hamburgers and mayo. Mayo is not milk based

Jessica said...

Just thought I'd let you know that I added a link to your blog on the "Elsewhere" page at my website:

Hope that's alright. If not, just let me know and I'll remove it.

Sam said...

Good to hear about the name thing. FYI, mayo is pareve. There are no dairy products in mayo; it's made from eggs and vegetable oil, plus seasonings, usually lemon. You can make it in a jiffy in your own blender.


chaviva said...

Okay, okay, my error has been pointed out. So we're over the mayo, but there was also macaroni salad. I didn't pick it up, because, well, it looked most definitely to have something of the dairy variety. Then again, maybe it was mayo and I was wrong.

Either way ... I've been LIVING A LIE! What am I thinking of? There is some mayo-like product that DOES have dairy. Miracle Whip? Or is that just a brand? Meh.

I don't eat mayo, so my ignorance is evident.

And Jessica, of course it's alright! That's how we bloggers make our rounds and get our names out :) I'll be sure to throw you up on mine, as well.

rachel said...

Great news on the 'Chavi' front!

As for mayo - easy mistake to make!

Sam said...

The mayo thing--that's the beauty of a chicken salad sandwich too. Miracle Whip is a brand. I think there are some mayos called "salad dressing" that might be dairy based. But I checked on the major brands of mayo, and they're pareve--even if you don't eat mayo! Have a great day at school.


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