Aug 26, 2008

It's Ruby Tuesday.

Hopefully I can keep remembering ... I like the photo blog thing. It's a nice break from everything else. It's part of that 8 percent of non-Jewish stuff I can focus on. At any rate, the details of Ruby Tuesday can be found here.

This photo: I bought this little knickknack at a thrift store in Chicago in Wicker Park in 2005 while visiting there with two of my close friends, Annie and Heather. At the time I was dating a fellow who lived in California, albeit in Fresno/L.A., but he'd been spending many many moons trying to convince me that San Francisco could be our future. Me, loathing all things California at the time resisted the idea of EVER living or visiting again. But I bought this bauble, because I thought, well, maybe someday California will offer me something. That beau later moved to Chicago, and is why I moved to Chicago. So, long story short, I still have this box, but not the beau.

At any rate, I now know someone (well, several someones to be honest) who does live in San Francisco, and when I look upon it, well, it gives me a little reminder of him, not to mention the place I visited several months back and how beautiful it is.


The Man said...

You know what else you found in Chicago in 2005 ... me. that was, and still is, wild.

chaviva said...

Ohmigosh! It was in American Eagle or Abercrombie and Fitch wasn't it? That was so awesome though. And it reminded me how much of a small world it is.

I also ran into Emily Chen at a mall out in the 'burbs.

It was an eerie trip.

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