Aug 27, 2008

The Political Kippah!

A nod to Shmuly for shooting me an email about this AWESOME site: Actually, he was emailing me about a cool photo gallery he made of various presidents donning kippot (my favorite? President of Neverland Ranch, oh yah!). But really, it's not too late to order your political yarmulkes for a mere $15.95 a pop, plus free S&H. Seriously? Awesome. If I wore a kippah I'd pick one up, but that's not my style.


Jess said...

that is totally AWESOME!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what to think! I think that has something to do with me being from here and not from the USA! I'm sure they will grow on me... :)


Shimshonit said...

We still have a Gore/Lieberman kippah floating around the house somewhere. (It gets loaned to guests for meals or seder who don't have a kippah with them.) They're a hoot, especially when completely out of date, or someone a decade younger asks, "Who was Gore?"

shmuly said...

Thanks for uttering my name on your blog :-)

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