Aug 19, 2008

Ruby Tuesday -- on the road!

I thought I'd pop in to post a quick Ruby Tuesday photo from my travels thus far. This one is from the Starlite Lounge in Lincoln, Neb. -- my favorite all-time bar/lounge, for its retro feel and faux martini drinks.

For those keeping tabs, I'm presently in Ohio, near Pennsylvania. I'm stopping off today in Philly to visit a friend, then on to CT tonight and moving in tomorrow. I'm hoping to move in so that I don't miss all of the Nefesh b'Nefesh blogger conference. Darn the time difference!

Be well!


David said...

Here's hoping all your destinations are scenic and memorable!

Judah said...

Dorendora godya. Nice to see you're finding your way (backwards and forward) through Pennsylvania. Wait til you hit the NY traffic! Then the real adventure begins.

I am new archkivolt. I am nocum dare.

Enjoy the trip and good luck in CT!


Anonymous said...

Very lively looking.

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