Aug 21, 2008

Ye Olde Video Blog!


melanie said...

I totally have that same Rilo Kiley poster. Even half the country away there will still be the familiar :) Now I'm getting all cheesy. I'm glad you made it there safe and sound and would love to hear all about life in Connecticut - what Storrs is like, what the campus is like, how you're going to survive being so many miles from home on the first Husker game day. Just kidding.

rachel said...

Great vlog, Chavi! Funny, you sounded exactly how I thought you would! I think to drive all that way and only get one ticket for speeding isn't bad at all, so I hope you've put that behind you now.

You say you want your readers (now viewers, too!) to let you know what else you should blog about. From a purely selfish point of view, I'd like to know how you managed to organise yourself during your conversion process so that it all makes sense, in an orderly fashion. There is so much to learn, on so many different subjects - you know how many pies I have my fingers in already, so hopefully you'll understand what I'm getting at. There's the Torah, al the commentary, Hebrew, Yiddish, the yearly cycle etc etc. Some thoughts from one who has been through it (albeit in a different country!), would be great.

Enjoy Hartford!

Jess said...

hey Chavi :) its Jess, just checkin out ur vlog. bored here on a sat afternoon...

i got a funny thing to share w/ u.... I actually also share the feeling of hitting the gas accidentally instead of the break!!!! about 3 or so years ago an ex of mine was teaching me to drive- and he was yelling and yelling at me when i was backing up and (me being nervous) slammed the pedal.... the gas instead of the break and rammed right into a tree!!!! i am chicken to this day to drive, and my fiance is just starting to get me back on the road.. so i know how u feel with that one.

arent those windmills awesome?? they are all over Spain and Holland. All over the mountains and countryside. one time ... i think in Jerusalem, we were in this hotel and there was an old fashioned windmill behind the hotel. i got some pretty pics of it when it snowed there 2 winters ago. so many cool things to see in this world.

your dorm room looks HUGE compared to mine last year. apparently they vary in size, and i got stuck with a tiny room. i prob would have stayed there if i had a room your size! looks nice!!

glad u enjoyed ur trip out! glad to have u in the program, and am looking forward to class together.

Nice Jewish Girl said...

Love the video blogging!

Don't worry about the readership being down. The last 2 weeks of summer everyone is away or in transition. I am sure it is the slowest time for internet as a whole.

ps - thanks for the shout out!

chaviva said...

Mel and Rachel: Requests noted!

Thanks for the other comments. Readership is back up. Eek. I just want to keep up and hopefully someday someone will pay me to do the blogging :) It'd be STELLAR!

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