Aug 28, 2008

Yes, we can.

Watching the Democratic National Convention, and watching Obama's speech tonight, I feel a reinvigoration in my hope for the political future of this country. I have never felt so moved, inspired, and hopeful before. And maybe it's just the fancy music and slow-mo on's live stream, but I see in Obama and Biden the fruition of hundreds of years of work to create equality in this country, and I see the promise of change, the promise of hope, the promise of moving forward.

And seeing Obama cry? Those aren't dredged up tears. Those are honest tears. Those are tears of a humbled man. Those are real. Those are the tears of a president ready to be just as he is now as he will be in office. And he WILL be in office.

Well, you know where I stand. Where do you stand?

Einstein said that insanity is "doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." Think about it.


Anonymous said...

I really, really hope so, Chavi. If I wasn't British and was allowed to vote, I certainly wouldn't be voting for the other fella who can't remember how many houses he owns!

By the way, I know of a student in this country who gets all his US-type news via John Stewart's The Daily Show. I know it's satire, but it has to be better than Fox, MSNBC and the like, doesn't it? Not that some of our channels are much better here - 24 hour news was the worst thing ever to happen to serious broadcasting. It's quality, NOT quantity, people!

Avoid the hanging chads, d'you hear?!


Mikeinmidwood said...

What about the tax issue there is no way he can do all that and lower taxes. Even with his taking away of the old projects it still wont cover what he wants to do.

chaviva said...

Rachel, the great thing about Daily Show and Colbert Report is they sort of consolidate all the other news reports into one satire because it's all such crap. So really, you're getting the "real news." Hah!

Mike, I agree that there are some issues that look a little curious as far as being able to pull them off, but, well, I have to believe that he'll have a crack team working for him to backup his genius :)

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