Sep 16, 2008

Computer Crash = Ruby Tuesday!

I had a video blog post -- a show-and-tell style vlog, paired with details about how I chose my rabbi/shul and how YOU, too, can make it happen -- COMPLETELY EDITED ... and then my computer went kaput and the edited video with it. And to be honest, I haven't the energy right now to re-edit. So for now? You get a Ruby Tuesday photo.

Yes, I know, it's me. Kohelet is screaming "vanity of vanities" and biblical scholars are rolling their eyes at the common understanding of vanity. But in reality, this is me (in RED!) plugging Israeli Wine Direct, where at the helm is my good friend Richard. He was kind enough to send me this t-shirt, which I shall wear with pride, and he even featured me on his blog. So go buy some wine already!


KosherAcademic said...

It's great to "see" you, you look terrific in this pix! I miss you, too. And one day I'll catch up with all my e-mails!

Richard Shaffer said...

Thanks for mentioning us!

A LOT of people have told me you look GREAT in the T-Shirt!

Your readers can use promo code "newyear" to get 10% off of any purchase!


chaviva said...

KA: I know you're busy. Take your time!

Richard: Thanks :) I look great in the shirt because it's an AWESOME shirt :P

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