Sep 12, 2008

A good Shabbos to you!

Just wanted to send a quick Shabbat Shalom out into the ether of the internet before the sun disappears (though, since it's cold, rainy and cloudy here I can't see the sun). I'm going to be using my goods at home tonight and hopefully make it through my (untransliterated) pocket-size Artscroll Siddur. Yes, Shabbos at home. Why? The weather is miserable, that's why! So be well, be safe, be happy, be holy.

The view from the library of the Northwest, from Storrs, CT. (Not today, of course, but last week sometime.)


Mottel said...

Gotta Love Friday Lights. My Mother's recently did a photo-shoot for them.

chaviva said...

Oh wow! How cool :D

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