Sep 4, 2008

I'll Trade You An A+ for This Book?

I just realized that tomorrow, at 10 a.m., I will get back the first quiz I have taken in more than two years. It was my Hebrew aleph-bet quiz, and it jarred me. Why? I'm not sure. I've always been a really confident test taker (well, at least with essay-style tests and simple things like this), but for some reason when the professor started reading off letters for us to write in the blanks, the letters jumbled themselves in my head. I had to ask for letters to be repeated. I felt completely out of sync with the page. Now, I'm wondering, what will the tests in my other classes be like? At any rate, I'm nervous about the results. My first homework came back looking good, and aside from needing to define a few of my letters more correctly, I think I'll do okay. But thinking and doing are two different things.

So on a happier note, I have a new post up over at The Chosen Blog, the blogging wing of, on Lisa Alcalay Klug's brand-new book "Cool Jew," which I HIGHLY recommend everyone go buy. I mean, at least pick it up for someone for Chanukah. It's seriously the most resourceful book I've ever seen on hip/kitschy/pop culture Jewish stylings. Add to that the fact that's hella informative and even comes with a letter of approval (you have to read it to believe it!) in the front, and, well, you can't go wrong. Also, Lisa is headiang out on a book tour, and I'm thinking about trying to make it to her November 20th New York JCC book launch appearance, so keep an eye out.

Oh, and I also thought it was rad that the Modesto Bee blog gave me a nod for my blog post on the New York Times article re: kosher goods for Shabbos as a tip off for their own post. Wahoo! I may not be in the journalism business anymore, but I'm not that far away!


The Man said...

By the book cover, I'm inclined to believe that this books scoffs at the politically-correct.

chaviva said...

You would guess right, my friend. :)

Seriously though? I think everyone should read it. It's flippin' hilarious. In fact, I learned that penguins are Jewish.

(Think: Black and white penguins, black and white attired Hasidic Jews. OH MAN!)

The Man said...

I'm positive if I was coming from the same spiritual background as you, I would find that hilarious.

Have you read Bad Jew by Gerry Shapiro (UNL professor?) I haven't, but I need to. It's a book of short stories, and the title story is supposed to be absolutely delightful. It was made into a short film as well, but I've no idea where to get it.

chaviva said...

"Bad Jews and Other Stories" ... oh yes I read that. I loved it, too. Gerry Shapiro is awesome. I took a Jewish-American fiction course from him and it was absolutely outstanding. I'd been communicating with him via email for quite a while, but haven't in some time. Maybe I'll shoot him an email.

So yah, go read it. I haven't seen the short film, though. Netflix maybe? If you find it let me know, though.

David said...

73, 53 and 67 on my first 3 quizzes. I'm sure you're doing better.

Shabbat Shalom!

chaviva said...

You SHALL prevail!

Duvi said...

I spoke to some guy who went to one of the author’s book-signing events (in Berkeley or San Francisco CA I think). Also, borrowed her book and did a once-over of this. Not so spectacular reading for an adult with even an OUNCE of Jewish knowledge. Seems to me that all she’s done since Cool Jews came out last Summer is to self-promote the same book over and over again all over the place. Apparently, she rarely responds to questions, queries, or comments like the above. And even on her OWN website, for shame! The author keeps ignoring her potential customers and it’ll go right back around, with her customers ignoring or forgetting about her too. I'd wait a year or two and get the book SERIOUSLY discounted at the SOY Seforim sale.

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