Sep 5, 2008

Why not? Just because.

Listen, I'm not saying it's *good,* but it is kind of amusing ... and this is just a reminder that Rosh Hashanah IS NOT that far away. So, you know, buy something nice from Zelda's before the super special early bird sale is over on Sept. 10, mmk? Of course, as a poor graduate student, I'll take handouts :)

A nod to Frumhouse for posting this little vid, btw.


Cookie Monster said...

Looks like your birthday falls on Rosh Hashanah this year!

Of course my uncle-in-law celebrates his according to the Jewish calendar anyway, so it's his Gregorian birthday that changes every year.

chaviva said...

Yes! And my actual birthday (23 Tishrei) according to the Hebrew calendar, is permanently on Simchat Torah :)

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