Oct 2, 2008

Do YOU have five friends?

As I prepare to watch potentially the most amusing presidentially related debate in the history of man (that is, the Palin-Biden debate), I have to share this video. It's called "Five Friends" and it's the uncensored version. So, if you don't like cursing, step away. There isn't much cursing, to be honest, but you have to expect a little when you get some of the comedic geniuses to talk politics/voting. It's a great video at any rate, so spread the word -- everyone should vote. Apathy is contagious and dangerous. And this election is perhaps the most important election in my lifetime (yah, so I'm only 25). But seriously, get out the word: Voting is the cool thing to do.

And if you're super bored, check out this awesome little photo montage of Biden prepping for the big debate :)


Jessica said...

I'm all for voting. I've been registered since I was 18, but if I had seen this video then I may have reconsidered. Okay, so that's an overstatement, but this video made me more annoyed than psyched to go out and vote.

Anonymous said...

I haven't watched the video yet, but I did see something frightening about Sarah Palin and her links to rather scary religious groups - lets just refer to the End Times, and leave it at that.

It scares to me to think that IF the Republicans got voted in, Mrs Palin could potentially end up running the USA, if something happened to John McCain.


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