Oct 2, 2008

Flowers in Bloom

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A little bit of beauty for the end of the week. Just one of a bouquet of roses from Evan for my birthday on Tuesday. All I ever wanted from a gentleman was a bouquet of white roses.

It took 25 years, but I finally got them.


Mottel said...

Happy B-day!

shavuatov said...

I forgot to say 'Happy Birthday!'

The roses look beautiful and much classier then red ones (in my opinion!).


Beth said...

Aww! So beautiful!

I was brought to tears the first time S brought me roses. It was just sooo sweet, as I'm sure you know. :)

Happy belated birthday, too!

Schvach said...

Evan is a good Hebrew name (hint!).

chaviva said...

Todah rabah everyone :) Your wishes touch my heart.

And thanks for the hint Schvach :P

Oh, and Beth, I guess my face absolutely lit up when I saw them, according to Evan, heh. Romance is in bloom!

Tammy said...

The first bouquet of roses that I ever received came from my husband.
We celebrated our 20th anniversary this year......maybe true love is blooming for you! :)

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