Nov 4, 2008

Go Forth!

Amid the chaos of the day, there must be a little peace. Thank G-d, therefore, that this week's parshah is my defining parshah -- Lech Lecha.

The great thing about this parshah -- the namesake for which decorates my signature on my emails -- is it's opening message: "Go forth." I blogged about this portion last year on , of which I was once a contributor. The Midrash tells us that this line means "Go forth to find your authentic self, to learn who you are meant to be." That is, indeed, what Abraham and Sarah did, and it's most definitely what the convert does. Thus, for me, it's such a powerful, powerful portion.

Another great thing about this week's portion? My friends, Stereo Sinai (that's Mirriam and Jay) back in Chicago were awesome and did up this week's video! It's beautiful, and poetic, with the singing and the music illustrating the portion. Watch it, take it in, and then go visit Stereo Sinai and pick up some of their tunes -- they are a truly talented duo, in more ways than one!

Parshat Lech Lecha from g-dcast on Vimeo.


ilanadavita said...

I posted something very similar this morning.

shavuatov said...

I love these G-dcasts, Chavi - thank you for the link! I also love Lech Lecha - it speaks to me in much the same way as it speaks to you, for obvious reasons.


Stereo Sinai said...

You rock, Chaviva! Keep being awesome.

chaviva said...

@Rachel My pleasure! They are really nifty, I think. But yes, this parshah is meaningful for folks like you and me.

@SS I think you mean YOU rock :)

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