Dec 17, 2008

Bon voyage!

Okay. I'm about 95 percent positive I'm going to leave my computer with Tuvia and not take it with me to Israel. I was gifted a notebook for journaling, and I think most assuredly that this is a sign (since I have another, as well) that I should be WRITING, not TYPING, my Israel experience. It'll be therapy for me -- someone so plugged in 24/7. But, you know, if there happens to be a computer there for my use? I'll whittle away at my likely ever-growing inbox, never fear. 

Catch you all on the other side of the trip! L'hitraot!


David, UK said...

Good luck!
I really hope you have meaningful time!

Kate said...

OMG you're going to Israel... bon voyage! Can't wait to hear about it. Say hello to the homeland for me. :)

Mottel said...

A Happy Chanukah to you and those you love!

Cookie Monster said...

Have a great trip, and enjoy our mutual shared culture.

BTW, can ou do me a favor while you're there. A tree was planted in my honor, and it needs watering on Friday...


Jessica said...

You've been tagged for a meme Here.

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