Jan 1, 2009

5769 + 2009

Live from the desert of Judea, I give you the most awesome Birthright group ever, including the bus driver -- Mashiach -- in the front there. It is with this photo that I say HAPPY NEW YEAR as 5769 is now joined by 2009.

I demand a year of peace, progress, and peaceful progress. Shanah tovah!


Kate said...

Love the closing line.

David said...

Wow! What an auspicious year! Especially with a bus driver named Mashiach!

rabbi lars said...

love the desert!!!!!!!!! i remember that soul!!

chaviva said...

@Kate Thanks :) Someday maybe it'll end up in a book. By me, I hope.

@David I know, right? I felt pretty safe having him at the wheel, heh.

@Rabbi Lars Thanks.

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