Jan 14, 2009

A brief interlude for a kvetch

Listen, have your opinions about Israel and Hamas and the "Zionist conspiracy" or whatever, but don't spam my photos on Flickr with your pro-Hamas, down-with-Israel "Nazi Zionist" crap propoganda, mmk? Thanks.

It's amazing how ugly the world is getting, isn't it? Synagogues set ablaze, warning sirens in Jerusalem, people who you maybe thought were friends spewing anti-Jewish and anti-Israel sentiments in your face. I'm not trying to be extreme, but it echoes of another time. It reminds me of a poem I wrote, and the line that history repeats, repeats, repeats. Maybe I'll post it here sometime. It's one of my slam poems, about being Jewish, about the world we live in, and how we have a tendency to recycle our emotions. They don't get worse or better, they don't get different, they just get reused.

Anyhow, here's the screenshot of the guy who decided to spam comment my photos with a bunch of "free Palestine" crap. Too bad the guy doesn't know his history.


Anonymous said...

It was good of him to share - NOT!

Funny that he complimented you on the photos as well, though!

Aagh - the sentiments flying around at the moment are not good. I was thinking about posting something on my blog about it. I think I will.


Mottel said...

These losers strike out viciously, with there childish rants, and yet they claim they we are the aggressors. There is a Talmudic expression: Anyone who fights with someone who is dirty, himself come out dirty.
You fight with these guys, and you end up coming out with their slime.

Lorri said...

Oy Gavalt! Give us a break, heh!

Cookie Monster said...

Don't know if you're still following the news here in Chicago. THere was another spurt of vandalism this past week:



Sad, all of it.

chaviva said...

@Rachel Yah, they all had that compliment on them. I think it was his way of getting around it looking like he was spamming, probably :(

@Mottel Amen.

@Lorri For serious!

@Cookie Oy. I didn't know about this. I must follow ... it's so upsetting.

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