Jan 18, 2009

KVETCH 2009!

So, I'm just as stoked as everyone else that in a mere TWO DAYS we'll have a brand new president, a man who I think will do some pretty amazing things for this country. I have hope (har har har) that he'll turn everything around, and if he doesn't? Well, feel free to do an "I told you so." Until then, you gotta give the guy a chance. So, in honor of the new man, the myth, the legend Barack Obama, Paste magazine has done up a cool little site where you can "Obamacon" yourself. You know the posters, the HOPE and CHANGE posters done in that red-white-blue pattern that are kind of cartoony but not really? Well, you, too, can share in the poster-ized glory of Obama. Check out my version below. I think it's pretty apt. Maybe I'll get it on a T-shirt ...


Anonymous said...

Nice Obamicon! Of course, if you look at the posterised images of Che Guevara, you'll see where Team Obama got the idea from!

Kate said...

Love yours! I did one, too, that didn't turn out as well as I'd hoped - couldn't get the coloring right - but such a fun concept!

Lorri said...

Great Obamicon! :)

It does remind me of Che Guevara's images.

chaviva said...

@Rachel THANKS!

@Kate Your's is awesome, shush.

@Lorri Gracias :)

Phyllis Sommer said...

i love it too! i did all three of my kids:-)

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