Feb 17, 2009

Because You Want to Hear the REAL Chaviva.

Disclaimer: I usually edit my videos, put in little slides with quirky commentary, but I wasn't up for it, so it's just a long video of me discussing my new siddurim, prayer, bensching, davening, and more. Pardon my pronunciations, my general tomfoolery and all else that follows!


Suburban Sweetheart said...

Is it weird to say that you somehow remind me of ME??? I'm weirded out. Very.

Also, myself aside: cute vid! <3

Mottel said...

Hearing other bloggers is rather disconcerting it destroys my mental picture of who the person is . . .

chaviva said...

@Kate Not at all weird! I'm honored that you think so :)

@Mottel What exactly are you trying to say here. What is your mental picture of who I am?

Mottel said...

You're much more down to earth then I thought - no hippy alien weirdness :-)

I mean it's like seeing someone in a movie after reading the book. It's just that change from hearing everything filtered through the voice in your head and the picture in your mind, to seeing it in person. Just different . . . not bad, ch"v in any way!
Name the kid Shmerel, though Menachem Mendel is always a good choice.

le7 said...

Mottel - I know exactly what you're talking about! Even seeing the Amazing Yankel at shul the other week as disconcerting...

Tuvia said...

Hey now Mottel watch it!!!!!

I think your nephew Hillmy is very cute!

The purchases do seem pretty cool. I can't wait to check them out. I did tell you 2 months ago that the transliterated would become too much of a crutch and you should use the regular, but what do I know? ;-). Its always a good thing to hang on to just in case, you never know.

le7 said...

Actually this isn't so shocking.

The video Aliza Hausman put up TOTALLY shocked me.

TMC said...

I love that you describe religious stuff as Rad. I do that & folks look at me all wonky. :)

How about Oded for the little alarm clock boy? I seem to remember from way back in my college days that the name means 'encouraging' or the like. Isn't that what the 5 alarms are meant to do? :)

Schvach said...

When I learned to daven, I was told to use no translation at all; same with chumash with Rashi, and Tanya.
It's Hebrew, Hebrew, Hebrew, I was advised. Well, it worked.
As for Birchot HaMazon, fortunately
there's a tune (at least one) that goes along with it, and tunes have a tendency to facilitate the learning of text/lyrics - at least in my experience. Besides, if you bensch 3 times a day, everyday, you'll learn to bensch pronto quick.

Joshua said...

This video was great!

Call the kid Shlomo - Shlomo is the way forward.

chaviva said...

Just so everyone's clear, Tuvia meant "Hill-mai." :)

I get what you all mean about how it can really shock the mind as far as expectations. Hopefully y'all still think I'm cool though.

@le7 I agree with you. I don't know why, but I had a different perception of Aliza. I'm kind of curious what Mottel is like LIVE.

@TMC I like Oded, that's a nice name. And your explanation for WHY is perfect! It is in consideration!

@Schvach This is what I'm thinking. I'm applying to an intensive immersion course for seven weeks in the summer in Middlebury, CT, so I'll be doing it anyway. I'm starting slow with the full bedtime Shema right now, and each day will add something else. I already say the Modah Ani, but I stop after that. I must get some Birchat Hamazon on my iPod!

@Joshua Shlomo is an AWESOME name that I've always loved. It is up there in the considerations!

Moshe said...

You order from artscroll?! Everything's at least double the price!
I've found bargainjudaica.com to be one of the cheapest.
Ironically, this site has very bad google placement and the way I found is by isbn.

ZPP said...

You're oozing kavannah.

Chaviva said...

@ZPP Thanks? :)

@Moshe I order from various bargain booksellers all the time, but had a very, very bad experience with one the last time, so I am buying direct for now. Especially since ArtScroll has been running a sale :)

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