Feb 8, 2009

Jew in the City answers all the questions!

I think I have found the Holy Grail of awesomeness in regards to being an Orthodox Jew.

I have to give a GIGANTIC tip of the hat to Aliza over at Memoir of a Jewminicana for posting these videos, and an even bigger hat tip to the Jew in the City herself, Allison. The videos and blogs over at Jew in the City are devoted to smushing all the crazy rumors about what it means to be an Orthodox Jew. The author was raised Conservative, and now is proudly an Orthodox Jewish woman living in the city. There is a blog, videos, a Q&A section, and even the option of leaving your number so that maybe, just maybe, Allison will field one of your questions. I really think this is an amazing thing she's doing, and I hope the videos persist. Here are a few of them on questions that we ALL field regularly -- what makes things kosher and, really, you have sex through a hole in the sheet, right?


Kate said...

Huh! Definitely cute videos, well-done, witty and helpful -- but there's still no way I want to go Ortho. ;) Thanks for the link!

Schvach said...

Thanks for the tip Chavi. She's the next Esther Jungreis!

chaviva said...

Glad you guys enjoyed the videos. She's got something really cute and unique going :)

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