Feb 16, 2009

An Octopus in Canaan.

I have a separate online space where I write things that just don't fit here and where I put up poetry and dreams. This dream, though, was too good to keep hidden away from the view of my readers. Yes, this is a dream that shows just how all-consuming  my studies appear to be. Even in my dreams I'm in pursuit of breakthroughs.

Saturday night, I had one of those wacky, super-vivid dreams that has me wondering what it means. I mean, for the most part it was utterly ridiculous, so in reality it probably means a whole lot of nothing.

Myself and four other people from my Birthright trip were at this gigantic library doing intense research trying to make a breakthrough in the case of the gigantic purple octopus that lives under Canaan (weird, yes). So I suddenly, while my colleagues are digging through books and the computer, take out a gigantic sketch pad and draw this big hill and I take out a purple marker and draw a gigantic octopus underneath the hill and go, "GUYS! LOOK!" and all of a sudden they're like "YOU'VE DONE IT! BREAKTHROUGH!" and we run over to this pile of books and are digging through this shelf and find this one right as they announce the library is closing so we grab the books and run down the escalator as it's turning off and run out the door in utter elation and one of the guys makes his book fly away like a dove ... and we're dancing around because we've uncovered the mystery of the gigantic purple octopus.

Trippy. Artist's rendition of the breakthrough drawing:

As an academic, I can only hope that this breakthrough really comes true. It would surely trump any other long-awaited archaeological discoveries!


Tuvia said...

Yes, fear not I am sure it will come true. Congrats on your major break through!!!

In seriousness though it is a really amusing dream, I would love to know what an expert thinks it means.

melanie said...

That's a very weird dream. I love that you stole the library books though. And the book turning into a dove has to be symbolic for something. The artist's rendition is so sweet. John would be so proud of your MS Pain skills :)

Mottel said...

You've been hiding a second (third) blog from us? They say eating cheese before you go to sleep causes wacky dreams . . .

I love the artist's rendition!

Dunking Rachel said...

The one thing I have leaened is to not get into the interpretation of a dream unless I am the therapist...that said

check out the work of Carl Jung...Jungian dream analysis is a wonderful way to go deeply into a dream.....I sepnt one year in a Jungian instutite...(ran out of monry and time to finish the training...but that is another story!)

one thing to cconsiders...dreams are letters to ourselves from our unconcious...we can learn about ourselves in wonderful ways by looking at dreams.


chaviva said...

@Tuvia THANKS, hon :) No clue what it means, someday maybe I'll know.

@Mel John would be proud. I should send him this link ...

@Mottel It's my old-school Livejournal, pre-blogging Chavi. It starts in 2002 and spans to the present with intermediate breaks. It's not worth reading, it's more of a dumping ground, hah. Thanks for the compliment :)

@Dunking Rachel I can't imagine what my subconscious is trying to say to me in this one, though. Sometimes it's clear, you know?

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