Mar 29, 2009

And the Passover Giveaway Winner is ...

I'm quite sleepy, so I opted for a photo essay this time around for the giveaway! So view on to see who our lucky winner this round is! And, of course, stay tuned for more stellar giveaways and posts.

First, I made slips with all the entrants. What a tasking job this was! (I jest.)

The slips then sat idle as I awaited -- Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock -- for midnight to strike.

Then, I threw all the slips into a CD holder and mixed 'em up good.

At last, I lifted the many entrants above my head with my right hand, stuck my left hand in and pulled out a winner!
Oops ... sorry, that's a bucket-o-meerkats from the Chicago Zoo. They ARE winners, but I don't think they'd be able to share the plagues and the kippah and the apron, so the REAL winner is ... 
Wahoo! Mazel tov to Reiza!


Maya Norton said...

Congratulations, Reiza and mazal tov on your little one. I'm sure she'll enjoy her new outfit.

Thanks for the contest and the photo essay, Chaviva. I'm glad you went about the drawing the old fashioned way, meerkats and all.

~ Maya

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Anonymous said...

i didnt get the contest what was it?

Pop Judaica said...

Mazel Tov Rieza!!!

Chavi - wishing you a very happy Passover. Thanks for being such a fun contest host!

Reiza said...

Woo hoo. Thanks so much for the giveaway and for picking me. Yippee. :-)

Oh and FTR, I love meerkats. :-) I think they'd be adorable in the kippah, but they'll have to wrestle it away from my son first. :-)

Thanks again. This has made my day.

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