Mar 16, 2009

Artscroll, for shame!

Look at this picture. It took me almost a month to even notice it, but at shul this weekend I discovered an error in my siddur! I'm sure there are lots, but I'm usually not in editor mode while davening. Do YOU see the error?

A gold star for whoever figures it out first :) This is from the Ohel Sarah pocket edition, page 224!

Oh, and sorry it's quite blurry!


Tuvia said...

I see it, but I am probably disqualified from answering since I already know. You would think they would have caught the error by now.

DixieYid (يهودي جنوبي) said...

You're right! Should be "Y-isgadal."

Hey, maybe there's going for a feminist thing. It is the Ohel Sara thing so maybe they're referring to Hashem in the feminine form to reflect that. :-P

Anonymous said...

Missing a yud in "yitgadal" in Kaddish?

Izgad said...

Maybe it was an attempt to be gender neutral. :P

Chaviva said...

EVERYONE GETS STARS! Except Tuvia, because I told him about it.

@Izgad Very funny :)

@Anon Yes, you are right. Why Anonymous, though?

@DixieYid I should have posed that question to them when I emailed. Unfortunately, their copy editing isn't quite up to par even in the "Contact Us" department, as the email back from customer service ended with "That you for contacting us."

I'll that you alright. I'll that you until I'm blue in the face, thanks.

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