Apr 17, 2009

Bells will be Ringing.

You know the moment I get engaged I'm going to be all over the Jewish Wedding Network.

Yes, you, the viewing/reading audience will be able to watch the entire, painful process of me planning my future, someday, maybe wedding. I promise I won't be a bridezilla.

But since the Omer Count is in full swing, you won't be seeing any engagements any time soon. 

No pressure, Tuvia. (Insert winky face here!) I bet your mom and other relatives who are reading this are wondering why on Earth I am blogging about this. Well, the infinitely talented Sara over at PopJudaica recently started the Jewish Wedding Network site and I think it's absolutely MARVELOUS. It's a resource, a blog, a place to find vendors, and more. Now I just have to hook up my girls at Quite Like It -- a stellar invitation/card/etc. start-up -- with the Jewish Wedding Network.

Go check out both sites, but defiitely the JWN since there are giveaways this week! Be sure to enter by Sunday night!


TMC said...

Goodness gracious! Seeing the blog title in my reader had me all misty for a second! :)

JewishWedding said...

Thanks Chavi!
You know I am waiting with bated breath for you to be able to blog for Jewish Wedding Network :)

mother in israel said...

Well, of course you are allowed to get engaged during the Omer!

Gruven_Reuven said...

LOL, seeing the Blog title in my Google RSS feed, This was the first thing I went to Motzei Shabbos. I thought... well you know... :-)

Janet said...

Engagements are allowed any day of the year. Even Yom Kippur and 9 Av, although that would be weird. As the rabbis say, if engagements weren't allowed on specific days, we're afraid the woman might end up not engaged.

Tuvia said...

WOW, so I knew you mentioned this post, I know I am your boyfriend, and when I saw the title I was wondering what you were writing about us. Oy haha

Chaviva said...

Wahahaha. I fooled you all!

But the news that you can propose during the omer is news to me. Good news? Who knows. We shall see!

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